Florida Apricot Pale Ale:

6.0% ABV, Soft apricot flavor melds with tropical and citrus notes from the hop additions in this light refreshing pale ale.

Jackfruit Pale Ale:

5.5% ABV, With copious amounts of Jackfruit, this pale ale reminds of the sweet flavor of juicy fruit gum. A summer time favorite!

Blueberry Wheat Ale:

5.0 ABV, A light American wheat beer infused with a hint of blueberries for a crisp fruity finish.

Mango cream Ale:

5.4% ABV, Huge mango on the nose and pallet with this Florida tropical favorite. Made with Local Mangos, enjoy in the spring and early summer.

Smoked Porter:

7.5% ABV, A malt forward porter with sweet caramel and chocolate notes followed with a hint of cherry wood smoked malt for an earthy finish.

Russian Imperial Stout:

13% ABV, Our big stout. Loads of coffee, chocolate, roast, and general malty goodness balanced by an aggressive hop profile. This one is a sipper. Best enjoyed during the cooler months.

Russian Imperial Stout Bourbon barrel aged:

13% ABV, The same awesome base stout aged for six months on bourbon barrel chips, adding complexity to an already decadent stout. Well worth the wait!

"Clan MacDonnell" Scotch Wee Heavy:

8.5% ABV, The antithesis of the IPA. Huge caramel, chocolate, and dark fruit flavor balanced slightly with earthy English hops.

"Clan MacDonnell" Scotch Wee Heavy  Bourbon barrel aged:

8.5%ABV, The same Wee Heavy base aged on bourbon barrel chips for four months. This adds the depth of charred oak and vanilla to an already complex ale.

"The Sage" Belgian Quadrupel :

12.5% ABV, A malty sweet Belgian dark strong style ale with loads of Plum, fig, raisin, and dark cherries with a slight Belgian funk from our proprietary blend of yeast strains. This is the one that turns wine drinkers to beer drinkers with the complex flavor profile. Look for variations of "The Sage" aged on various dark fruits.

Imperial Saison:

8.5%, ABV, Brewed with fresh ginger and sweet clementine peel ,Add the spiciness of the Saison yeast and this one is always a crowd favorite.

English Brown Ale:

6.0% ABV, A bready sweet mild brown ale on the malty side balanced by woody English hops.

"O squared" Double IPA:

8.0% ABV, The quintessential "pallet wrecker". Clocking in at a mere 160 IBU, this huge double IPA is everywhere. Pounds of tropical flavored hops go into making this hop forward slugger. Surprisingly, with a huge malt backbone the beer is quite well balanced for 160 IBUs. Hopheads rejoice! This one is for you!
English Barleywine :

10.5% ABV, A Well balanced malty, bready, and grainy ale aged for a minimum of one year before being released. Save this one for those cold winter nights.

German Dopplebock:

9.0% ABV, Made with light and dark Munich malts and balanced with Noble German hops, this German style ale is dark and sweet. It is best served in the fall.Type your paragraph here.