Our people make the difference.

OOKAPOW Brewing Company started as the brainchild of Damian Ramos, an innovative brewer with a passion for not just the taste of hoppy deliciousness, but the science of creating the perfect craft beers.  OOKAPOW Brewing Company started out on a stove top in a Bronx apartment; inspired by the moonshiners of the Appalachian Mountains; Damian set out to create amazing craft beer with just one pot, malt and a few hops.  The results may have grown hair on the chests of several New Yorkers, but they live to tell the tale of how OOKAPOW Brewing Company has evolved.  Several years later; Damian eventually ended up in a South Florida backyard porch brewing and developing beers for many local craft beer festivals. In 2013 Damian met fellow brewer Jeff Singletary of Celtic Brewing Company with the same dream of opening a brewery. After spending some time together talking over some amazing ales they had both created, Damian invited Jeff over for a brew day. Things really clicked for them as brewers, each other’s different beer styles complimenting each other. After many long discussions, and many more beers, they decided to partner up and move forward on this business venture together in OOKAPOW Brewing Company. The Celtic Brewing name will still be used in their Celtic series of beers. OOKAPOW brewing Company continues to create beers that excite and surprise even the most discerning palates.  OOKAPOW's beer has been even known to convert non-beer drinkers all who are now OOKAPOW loyal drinkers! OOKAPOW Brewing Company is setting out to make all craft beer enthusiasts amazed, titillated and thirsty for MORE! Cheers!